What Examiners Think When Sitting Next to you


As you are driving, the examiner is observing. They are paying attention to your driving. He or she is observing if you are checking traffic and scanning the road. Always remember that the examiner has been doing this same routine for many years and they know how fast you are driving. They also glance at your speedometer to make sure you are driving the speed limit.
Remember, when the examiner is not talking to you, he or she wants you to concentrate on the road. Being silent does not mean they are trying to scare you or that you have done something wrong. We know, it is intimidating, but no, just calm down and have a positive mindset.

Sometimes you will see the examiner writing something on the sheet. Don’t focus on what they write. They may just be correcting the date or the spelling of your name, and they know if you’re peeking at their sheet. Sometimes the examiner may be looking out the window, but they are paying attention to what you are doing; they can tell if you are scanning the road and they can feel if you are speeding. They’re taking you on the same route they always use, therefore they know what’s coming ahead. They know which sign applicants don’t observe because they were not watching carefully.

The examiner sitting next to you may be quiet or may be talking with you………but in their mind they are focusing their attention on your:
– Speed.
– Observation of signs.
– Knowledge of the rules of the road.
– Awareness of potential hazards at cross roads.
– Steering control and road positioning
– Turn signals, covering blind spots and mirror checking

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