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About us

Hello! we are iPass Driving Test

We are former driver examiners and we want to help you make passing the road test as easy as a b c and d…! YEs, we are here to help educate all those going for their actual behind-the-wheel road test how to pass their driving test safely and with confidence.

We are the experts who have the ins and outs knowledge; the best tips and tricks to ace your road test and obtain your driving license in the shortest time!



Founded by Mohamed Bamatraf, a passionate retired former driver examiner. The iPass driving test team with its many years of driver examining experience had seen many many people fail their driving test not because of their inability to drive safely or not understanding the rules of the road, but the lack of knowledge to perform according to the scoring criteria and the ineffectiveness of handling the pressure from the person sitting next to them!

 In short, a DMV driving test is more than being safe and understanding the rules of the road! To all of you out there thinking of going for your road test, this ipass platform is for you! Examiners know better how the test sheet is marked and what exactly do examiners look for!

We encourage you to check out our blog section for many helpful videos!

All the best on your road test!


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