Affiliate Program FAQ

An Affiliate Program allows a business owner or an individual seller (an affiliate) to promote services or products of another company and earn a percentage of every sale they make as commission. In other words, if you advertise and sell iPassDrivingTest’s online products through your web site or through an affiliate link (you will have a unique link just for you) you will earn commission for that sale.

As an affiliate, iPassDrivingTest will provide you with a variety of links and banners with ready-made HTML and URL codes that can be copied and pasted on to your website, email, social media. When a visitor (prospective buyer) clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will receive a 27% commission.

You can sign up to become an affiliate here.

Once you have created an account, you will have instant access to resources and advertising tools.

  1. Pay per click: You can bid on specific keywords and key phrases for search engines such as Google. When a user searches your keywords, your affiliate link will be listed in the search results.*
  2. Emails: If you have email addresses for people who may be interested in road test online products, you can send them an email describing the online video course or other online driving test products such as how to pass the road test eBook of iPassDrivingTest.

*Note- We ask that you do not impersonate iPass Driving Test, bid on any iPass Driving Test branded keywords or use the trademarked name as your own.

You can access your iPassDrivingTest affiliate links and banners by following these instructions:
1. Log in to your account by clicking the “Sign In” link from the Affiliate link at the footer of the iPassDrivingTest home page.
2. Select the “Marketing” tab.
3. From here you can view detailed instructions for posting links, or you can search our available banners/text links.

As an affiliate, you have a unique code that is connected to each of your links and banners. Through this code iPassDrivingTest can track all of your sales and traffic. You can view this data anytime by accessing the “Marketing” tab in your account. Any visitor who clicks on your affiliate link will be tracked by our affiliate system for a maximum of 6 months from the time they clicked your link. Any time within the 6 months period if the visitor buys our online

By joining iPassDrivingTest Affiliate Program, you will receive a generous commission of 27% for every sale you help to make.
We calculate payments and pay affiliates on the week of the 15th of every month, and send payment when a minimum commission of $50 has been made.
If your commission is less than $50, the amount will carry over each month until your total commission is at least $50.

At present time, payments are sent through PayPal.

No. The Affiliate Program for iPassDrivingTest is free to join and has no membership costs.

Of course! There are many different ways you can advertise our iPassDrivingTest online products. Here are some suggestions / ideas:
1. Social Media: You can use any social media platforms, such as Facebook, instagram, YouTube or Twitter, to advertise your affiliate link,

product, the commission will go to you regardless if they bought the product from any other website.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email or call us at 1-403-399-7659

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