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Benefits of having the online video course:

  •  You will save time and money by not failing the driving test and doing driver training again.
  •  An average of people passing the test is after 2 failures; this could get you ace the test on the first try!
  •  The video course is like having your own professional examiner instructing what to look for during the driving test.
  •  You will save an average of $250 in doing professional driver training and retaking the road test again
  •  You will know exactly what examiners are looking for.
  •  You will learn how the test sheet is marked.
  •  You will discover techniques that will boost your confidence.
  •  You will know what areas people fail at and how you can avoid those.

Why Buy Online Video Course?

Passing Your Driving Test Is Easy With The iPass Driving Test Video Course!
Interested in passing your driving test? Then the online video iPass Driving Test Course is a must! As you read, you will realize why we believe this (almost 2-hour) video course will be a valuable asset to your success.
As former examiners, our passion for driver testing has made it essential to create this video course  to help people like yourself  see what it takes to pass the driving test.
The simple fact is that you wish to pass your road test. The insights and ideas in this video course will increase your chances of being successful with your road test.
With years of experience and expertise in the field of road testing, we created an online video course we are sure will help you as the applicant to increase your confidence. Lack of preparation is the single leading cause in failing the driving test. Despite the abundance of information from YouTube, the internet, driving schools, friends or even family members – often applicants are still unsuccessful on a road test.
This video course is designed with you in mind. It sheds light and goes over the process of driving test evaluation and how you can avoid committing minor or major mistakes. It is very important for every applicant to have a strong knowledge of how the driving exam is evaluated. The knowledge of scoring guidelines will not only alert you to what to watch for during the road test but will also serve as a road map for your preparation.
Focusing on how the scoring is conducted, this video course explains what examiners pay attention to. You will understand those maneuvers examiners look for. You will learn the thinking behind the examiner during the evaluation.
Road test regulations and standards will vary slightly by jurisdiction. However, the basis for what examiners look for and how they approach the scoring is universally the same.
The videos outline strategies to help you address common situations. The traffic rules of the road are objective. However, there are some grey areas when it comes to scoring. As an applicant you cannot control examiner subjectivity, but you can ensure that you follow traffic rules while on the road.
Preparation is essential. You must take the time and put in the effort to practice driving and experience different traffic situations.
As former driver examiners, and after interviewing so many other examiners, we know the mistakes people make, and we have first-hand experience of how and why they fail. The online video course highlights those common mistakes committed.
It’s not easy to see people fail their driving test! Are you among those who want to be with those who FAIL, or would you prefer to be amongst those who PASS?
What’s the difference between how to drive safely and how to pass the driving test? Well, most people who teach preparation for the road test emphasize on safe driving and too much on caution! However, they don’t go beyond safe driving! Passing the driving test is more than safe driving. Definitely YES and of course YES you must be a safe driver regardless if you are taking the driving test or just being on the road driving! But there’s more to the driving test than that!
As former driver examiners, and after interviewing so many other examiners, we know exactly the type of mistakes people make, and we have first-hand knowledge and experience of how and why they fail.
What will make you pass the driving examination is your understanding of HOW TO PASS…and in this online video course you will discover what it takes to be successful and pass the road test! 
What does it take to pass the driving test? People need to understand that passing the road test requires proper knowledge of the scoring guide as well as mental and physical preparations, including brilliant time management and understanding the examiner.
Sometimes you see applicants pass with flying colors while others keep failing again and again! You may think they are just “lucky duds!” ….. We are not sure about luck! Sometimes you may think oh, maybe the examiner was too easy or did some favor! Well, we can’t be sure about that, but what we are certain about is your performance! Yes, if you performed well, you’ll pass regardless of how easy or tough the examiner is.
Applicants don’t pass the driving test just because of luck; however, there may be an element of fortune. They passed while committing mistakes that almost could have been a fail, but despite that, the examiner thought the applicant was confident and performed well!
If you have the proper knowledge of what the driving test entails and what it takes to pass the test the first time, then you should be fine.
The knowledge of how to pass is missing out there. All the information out there is about myths about examiners, emphasis on safe driving, focus on too many cautions, etc.…. These are ingredients and prerequisites for being a responsible safe driver. Yes, we all should be responsible safe drivers! Yes, we all should be cautious drivers! But passing the driving test requires additional knowledge and preparations.
Examiners pay attention to two key things on the driving test. These are: 1. Safe driving 2. Confidence. Safe driving and confidence are full of so many skills and little details. But if you focus on safe driving alone that may not be enough to pass the road test. Now you may be asking what does confidence include? The online video course walks you through what those little details about confidence are. You need the proper knowledge of passing while being a safe driver. Knowledge is power!

The lessons taught in the iPass video driving test are not found or taught anywhere. Here are few pointers taught in the online video course:

  • How do examiners make their judgement when scoring the test sheet
  • What common things people fail at. These are actual advice from expert examiners
  • What must-have attitude is essential to pass the driving test
  • What do examiners look for in certain driving maneuvers
  • How to handle examiners. The knowledge you’ll learn here is powerful. It is not those myths you always hear about examiners
  • The six stages of the driving test. What are they and what each stage involves? The knowledge you’ll receive will make you at ease and prepared
  • Strategies to keep you focused and in control while a stranger sitting next to you (such as the See Verify Execute technique)
  • Your physical and mental preparations are very important to your success. You’ll learn why fear of examiners is not the right move
  • What are the secrets to any successful parking job

The only person who can make you pass the road test is you. However, we strongly believe the video course lays down the grounds to passing the road test. You can expect to achieve positive, successful results should you follow the lessons taught. The course is not just another driving instruction, rather a step-by-step blueprint for driving test success.

Whether you have little or more experience in driving, you will hugely benefit from this online video course created by those who have insider information. Wouldn’t you trust examiners giving you information about how to pass the driving test?

Taking this online iPass driving test course is like having insurance! Why? Because it is created by experts who have conducted many driving tests for many years. In other words, a trusted, reliable source!

We are certain that all those who are going for their road test  have some questions such as:

  • What if I get a mean, tough examiner?
  • How can I be sure that I’ll pass the test?
  • What will make me fail the test?
  • What exactly will happen during the driving test?
  • What if I started getting nervous during the test?
  • What if I kept making mistakes?

Every driving test is different from a situations perspective.

Let’s say in your driving test situation the traffic lights are all green, and you are cruising well in your drive! Also you’ve had no pedestrians crossing, and there are not many vehicles on the road. But how realistic is that situation? Not very. In the driving test, and while driving on your own, you’re more likely to experience distractions and interactions with other drivers and pedestrians.  Now let’s assume another driving test situation whereby you encountered challenges such as:

  • Your examiner seems in a hurry when you met him/her
  • Traffic lights about to change to red
  • Pedestrians are crossing slowly and the lights will change to red!
  • Lots of vehicles on the road
  • Bicycles riding slowly
  • The weather is getting bad: e.g. rain, snow, sun set in your eyes, etc..

You increase the chances of your passing the road test if you prepared well and received proper knowledge! Understanding different driving situations is critical to your success! That’s why you need to take the iPass video course because it has the ammunition you need for good how-to-pass preparation. You have to prepare for all situations!

Lots of applicants fail the road test because of lack of proper knowledge. You can avoid being one of them today. The iPass course helps put success in your hands!
As a beginner driver or a driver with experience, your main goal is to pass the driving test the first time and in the shortest time possible. After all, you’re a busy person with other things to get done. Nobody wants to take a driving test over and over again. Especially if you really need that license for getting around.
Plus, retaking the driving test or lessons can get expensive. That’s money that can go to other important things.
To avoid this from happening, you can register for the online video course today. You will learn from expert retired former examiners how to prepare and pass the road test! You need the knowledge! You’ll enjoy simple video animations and illustrations in eight well-crafted video modules.
This course is powerful and to the point. You cannot find the knowledge taught in this online video course anywhere else. Here you will receive insider tips and tricks which will be helpful to your success. Yes, there are a lot of YouTube videos out there about the driving test, but they don’t tackle the examiner situation or the mental preparation or the score sheet marking details in a focused way as this course does. The information is coming from a reliable source. Examiners have the best knowledge of how people fail and where they fail.

The iPass Driving Test video course teaches you how to pass the driving test. It will guide you


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