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Why do people fail at traffic lights? 

Traffic lights seem simple enough yet they have caused countless driver’s license-seekers to fail their road tests.  It is somewhat challenging to determine where to start decelerating and reach a full stop prior to reaching the white line at the traffic light.  Do not overshoot this line and end up stopping inside the intersection.

Some road test takers reach a green light and come to a complete stop even though they are turning right.  Do not come to a full stop at a green light if your path is free from pedestrians

Pay close attention as you approach traffic lights.  When in doubt, err on the side of caution by placing your foot over the brake pedal just in case the light changes.  If the light goes from green to yellow as you approach the intersection, do not slam on your brakes.  If it is not possible to reach a full stop before the light turns red, proceed through the yellow light with caution.  However, if you suspect you can reach a full stop before the light turns red, slow your rate of speed and safely come to a stop.

 Some driving test takers fail the test because of not coming to a full stop on red light before making a right turn.

Finally, if it is a red arrow or a prohibition posted sign saying No-right-turn on red allowed, then you have to wait till light changes to green.


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