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Why do people fail at stop signs? 

Driving test takers often fail to reach a full stop at stop signs for a variety of reasons.  Some are simply nervous during their road test and rush through stop signs by mistake.  Others are distracted by something in the road or by the examiner’s presence in the vehicle.  In some situations, drivers fail to reach a full stop at stop signs as they were taught it is acceptable to roll through such signs as long as they slow their speed.  It is imperative you reach a full stop and must be reached prior to the stop sign’s demarcation line.

Some drivers fail to reach a full stop at four-way stops.  If you reach a four-way stop during your road test, do not panic.  The general rule of thumb for four-way stops is those who reach the intersection first are the first to proceed.  Do not keep stopping and waiting till the other vehicle comes to the stop line. You can be failed for obstructing traffic.

Above all, do not rush through stop signs.  Wait a couple seconds after reaching a full stop before proceeding. But do not exaggerate by stopping there for a long time either… risking obstructing other vehicles.

 If you spot another driver passing through the 4-way stop sign even though you came to a full stop first, do not proceed and risk an accident.  Always err on the side of safety and your road test examiner will respect your defensive driving strategy.



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