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What to observe during the driving test

Be hyper-aware of your surroundings during your driving test.  Pay attention to the subtleties so you do not have to return later to retake the test. 

Your examiner will be observing to see how keen you are going through junctions, traffic lights, uncontrolled intersections and crosswalks. Always check your rear view mirror to see who is behind you.

Do not attempt to rush through your parking challenges.

Observe the vehicles, pedestrians and other happenings on the road so you are mindful of all potential threats. If you are not observant, careful and confident during your road test, the examiner will be inclined to deduct points. And if you committed an unsafe maneuver or obstructed traffic, you will be failed.

Always use your mirrors to monitor traffic. And when making lane change or a turn, make sure you put your turn signal and physically turn your head to cover your blind spot.

Observe fellow drivers throughout the entirety of your road test. Pay close attention to signs such as stop, yield, lane narrow, school area, etc.. Observation is key to passing the road test. And most important is your speed control. You must observe what speed you’re doing as you’re driving through different streets.

Examiners look for your observation, confidence and judgment skills.


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