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Driving Test Scoring

Every aspect of your driving will be tested during your road test.  From parallel parking to obeying the rules of the road, executing turns at a reasonable rate of speed and beyond.

The marking consists of point deductions. There are two categories of penalties; one is minor and the other is major. Under the minor penalties, points are deducted whenever you commit minor driving or traffic error. However, under the major violation, the penalty is a fail for just one violation.

Every jurisdiction sets its own maximum allowed deductions before you can fail the driving test. In other words, the more points you accumulate, the higher the risk of failing.

Remember you are allowed to make few minor mistakes and still pass the test.

Your road test gauges your hand-eye coordination, depth perception, knowledge of the rules of the road and more.

It is important to note each state or jurisdiction has a unique scoring system for road tests.  However, in all jurisdictions, the following four major incidents would be considered major or critical and would end up with an automatic fail. Here they are: 1. Failure to reach a full stop at a stop sign. 2. If the driver’s test examiner is forced to intervene during the road test. 3. Traveling at an unsafe rate of speed (usually over 10 miles or kilometers per hour) 4. Obstructing traffic by either driving too slow or failing to proceed as required and 5. Failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalk


Minor errors may include: not stopping at the stop line, not cancelling turn signal, making a wide turn, not engaging parking brake during incline parking, not knowing to identify an auxiliary equipment, etc..


Please review the scoring guide of your jurisdiction.


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