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Some examples of minor and major errors 

Minor mistakes will cost you points. Major mistakes will be automatic fail. Let’s discuss these.

 If you drive 10 miles per hour above or below the posted speed limit, you will likely fail your driver’s test.  Though driving 10 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit is acceptable if the road conditions are hazardous due to weather or heavy traffic, you should strive to drive at the posted speed limit.

Other examples of major violations would be:

- Not making a full stop at stop sign

- Not yielding for pedestrians at crosswalk

- Obstructing traffic for either driving too slow or not proceeding as required

- Climbing over a curb

- Not able to execute a parking challenge within the allotted number of times

Some drivers are so nervous during their road test that they forget to use auxiliary equipment in the proper manner. Let’s say it is raining, activate your windshield wiper. If the parking brake is on and you are driving, make sure you disengage it. These mistakes are considered minor, unless it becomes a safety issue and you’re not able to operate the equipment, then the examiner may intervene and that will be a major mistake.

Some minor mistakes may be:

-  Unable to identify controls equipment

- Not stopping behind the stop line,

- Not checking rear view mirror or not making shoulder check

- Making a late turn-signal

- Making a sharp or a wide turn



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