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9 Common Myths about Road Test You Should Know

The road testing duties are carried out under a governmental licensing authority. This body oversees, trains and monitors testing inspectors or examiners to conduct the actual road test with candidates. The purpose of the testing is to obtain their automobile, bus, truck or motorcycle driver license. Many myths circulate concerning the road test. It is quite easy to believe the rumors, and this can significantly influence your confidence when you are taking your road test. We have compiled the myths that most people hear before taking their test and put the facts about what really happens.


  1. You will fail the first time, then they will pass you on the second test

I hear this a lot. No, if you make mistakes and the examiner feels that you have accumulated so many errors and committed some traffic violations, yes you will fail. You can fail the second time or the third or how many times. You just need to be prepared and do well. The examiner will pass you the first time if you did not make mistakes that constitute a fail.

I have seen lot of people pass the first time. And I have seen lot of people fail three times and so forth. It all depends on you and not the examiner.

Remember that every time you go for a road test, the challenges and the situations on the road can be very different. So if you almost passed this time, does not mean you will do better the next time unless you prepare well for all situations.


  1. Examiners are allowed to pass a certain number of candidates daily

This is a funny myth. Examiners are not interested in the number of people who pass the test. They are only concerned about the safety of the roads. There is no designated quota for fails or passes.

  1. Examiners try to fail the candidates on purpose

Examiners hold a position of public trust. They are trained and expected to not be bias marking your test. There is no way your test will be corrupted to make you fail. You are the only one who is responsible for your failure. Examiners are there to make sure you know and follow the rules of the road and you are a safe driver.

As a matter of fact, there could be five or eight tests in a row, and all of them may end in a pass. And let’s say on another day or times, there are five tests in a arrow, and those candidates did not show competency, some of them sped and some of them may be did not know how to park properly, therefore all of them could fail. Always remember that, it is you who can fail yourself. Be positive and prepare for your test and you will just do fine.

Yes, there may be times whereby the examiner may create an intimidated environment. This is not good. However, even if that examiner seems to make you nervous, he or she is just watching your driving, therefore, do not be afraid. By the examiner being quiet and not seems friendly, does not mean you failed the test.

You just need to prove to them that you can pas the test because you’ve prepared very well. So, now do you think they can fail you because they were making you nervous? No way. Have a positive mindset and you will be fine.


  1. If you stall once, you will fail

For those who are afraid of taking their road test on their standard manual transmission gear car, you don’t have to. If you stalled one time and then continued well, you will be failed. However, if you affect traffic when stalling, then that could constitute as a fail. It is advisable when you stall, don’t panic. Start again and continue driving. Some candidates pass the test even after stalling two times (refer to your jurisdiction to see how many times allowed to stall before you can fail the test) because they were composed and took the right measures after stalling. You need to stay calm and focused and you will be fine.

  1. Examiners take you through signs that are hidden behind trees

If a sign is quite clear and visible according to the examiner, then there is no excuse for the candidate to blame it on the examiner. Examiners will not take you through hidden signs, why to trick you? No, you will not be tricked. You need to scan and observe signs, intersections and the road ahead.

Why blame the examiner? You need a positive mindset and just focus on scanning signs. Use your peripheral views and you will be good.

  1. Examiners plan to have pedestrians cross the street abruptly

This is a big one eh!. No, examiners are not allowed to do that. This is a conspiracy theory. Just focus on your test and have a positive mind.  If you did not see those pedestrians crossing during your test, yes you can blame it on you and yes you will fail the test.

Why believing such conspiracies? These are not true. People like to make up things so to blame those of authority.

  1. When examiners drop their pen or scratch their head, they want to scare you!

That is not true. The examiner may have his writing sheet or pen slipped on the floor or besides his car seat, but that does not mean you should worry. A pen or clipboard may fall down, or the examiner may be scratching his head - those things do not mean anything – it is just something happened and it has no meaning or purpose to create anxiety or fear.


  1. If they don’t like you they will fail you

Examiners are professionals. They are well trained and their personal prejudice will have no place in their marking. Some candidates will point out that a certain examiner has already failed them twice or three times, and they will say that is because that examiner did not like them. We like to blame others. Believe me, if that person failed few times with that same examiner, may be it is a good time that the candidate goes to another testing centre (DMV) and get tested by another examiner.

Examiners will only fail you if you did not have the proper skills or you were making lot of traffic violations or other factual reasons examiners deem to constitute to a failure.  Have a positive mind and take away all the preconceived negative perception about examiners. Accept your mistake.

Should you feel that you were marked unfairly, and that particular examiner was kind of prejudice and did not like you, yes for sure you must report him or her to the proper authority. Examiners hold a position of authority and that position is of a public trust. They should be held accountable should they corrupt the moral standard and professionalism of their profession.

  1. If you are a good driver, you will pass the road test without a hassle!

First of all you have to ask yourself who is a good driver? And what is a good driver mean? Remember when you go for the road test, if you make some errors you may just get points deducted and you could pass the test. However, if you go over the speed limit by 10 or you did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign (made a rolling stop), you will fail the test. The tester or the examiner is there to make sure you drive by the rules of the road. You can be a beginner driver but you drove according to the rules of the road and your basic driving skills were not deemed unsafe by the examiner, yes you will pass.

Focus on your driving and don’t believe those misconceptions and myths about the failing and how bad the examiners can be and all those false and made up stories.


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