9 Myths About Road Test

9 Common Myths about the Driving Test
You will fail the first time

We hear this a lot. If you make mistakes and the examiner feels that you have made so many errors and committed some traffic violations, then yes you will fail. A lot of people fail the first time because they were not well prepared.

2. Examiners are allowed to pass a certain number of candidates daily
No, that’s absolutely not true. We as examiners know this for a fact. Don’t believe this.

3. Examiners try to fail the candidates on purpose
Examiners hold a position of public trust. They are trained and expected not be biased when marking the driving test. Have a positive mindset and prepare well.

4. If you stall once, you will fail
For those taking the test in manual transmission, if you affected traffic and you struggled before continuing driving, then that would be a fail. But if you just stalled one time that will not be a fail.

5. Examiners take you through signs that are hidden behind trees
If a sign is quite clear and visible according to the examiner, then there is no excuse for the candidate to blame it on the examiner. Examiners will not take you through hidden signs. Why? To trick you? No, you will not be tricked. You need to scan and observe signs, intersections and the road ahead.

6. Examiners plan to have pedestrians cross the street abruptly
This is a big myth! No, examiners are not allowed to do that. This is a conspiracy theory. Just focus on your test and have a positive mindset. If you didn’t see pedestrians crossing or about to cross, then you need to blame it on yourself!
Why believe such conspiracies? They’re not true. People like to make up things so they can blame the driving examiners.

7. When examiners drop their pen or scratch their head, they want to scare you!
That’s not true. The examiner may have dropped their pen, but that doesn’t mean you should worry. A pen or clipboard may fall, or the examiner may be scratching their head – those things do not mean anything – it’s just something that happens and it isn’t meant to create anxiety or fear.

8. If they don’t like you, they will fail you
Examiners are professionals. They are well-trained and their personal feelings will not affect their marking.
Examiners will only fail you if you did not have the proper skills, you were making lot of traffic violations, or for other factual reasons examiners deem to constitute a failure. Have a positive mindset and forget all the preconceived negative perceptions about examiners. Accept your mistake.

9. If you’re a good driver, you will pass the road test without a hassle!
Remember when you go for the driving test, if you go over the speed limit by 10 or you did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign (made a rolling stop), you will fail the test. The examiner is there to make sure you drive by the rules of the road. You might be a beginner driver, but if you drove according to the rules of the road and your basic driving skills were not deemed unsafe by the examiner, then yes you will pass.
Focus on your driving and don’t believe those misconceptions and myths about failing and how bad examiners can be and all those false and made up stories.

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