The guide you will need to pass your road test. Written by former driver examiners

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Passing the driving test is now easier with this online video courses

What Our Students Have to Say

The guide is simple to understand and I learnt a lot from it! I was recommended to buy it by my friend who failed her driving test twice before she got the eBook.
Sherry C.
Both the guide and the video course helped our son pass his road test with confidence. What is taught in the video course is simply to understand what exactly examiners pay attention to. The eBook is great because it shows how examiners do the grading. We think both items are absolutely a must to have.
Fatima and Chad B.
I took a chance to buy both the eBook and the online video course and I must say, I found them quite compelling. You can tell they were written by experienced examiners. The videos explain what examiners focus on and the eBook was a great bonus - it helped me understand where I can avoid losing points.
Kamal H.
I watched so many youtube videos and I also bought a driving test book and still failed the test! The Youtube videos just confused me_ SO many different opinions and not as focused as the iPass online video course, What I liked about the video course is the fact that it prepares you to handle examiners! My first road test I got so nervous and that is how I failed!!
Denise S.