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My kids found both the video course and the pdf book quite beneficial. The iPass course I think gave them a boost in their confidence as they seemed quite nervous before. And yes, they liked the free questions and answers study guide.

Christina J.

Guys if you want to pass the driving test, this video course is great. The book and the free booklet are a huge plus!

Abraham B.

The pdf book was great! It helps a lot. I wish I bought the video course too! Tight budget, but I am happy with the book!

Mary S.

I made a good decision to buy both the book and the video course. Highly recommended book to read - read it more than once. Watch the video course as many times as possible - you’ll see what examiners exactly pay attention to.

Ali C.

You can definitely tell the pdf book was written by examiners! Previously I bought 2 how-to-pass-driving-test study guides and they were not as detailed and specific as this iPass book. I will definitely recommend the book and the video course too.

Nicole W.

What can I say! Go ahead and get the book and the video course. They will help you a lot. I was depending on the free youtube videos, but still I failed the driving exam twice. When I watched this iPass video course and read the pdf book it did make sense to me why I failed twice.

Khalid O.
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